Post Harvest Water Treatment

Options and Solutions for Post Harvest Water Treatment.

WaterChem Process

  • 01 Design
  • 02 Build
  • 03 Install
  • 04 Training

Areas of Application

Dosing & Control: Pressure washer tanks Flumes
Spray Bar Tanks
Fruit & Vegetable Graders

Custom Layout & Build

Layout & design customised to suit individual packing shed requirements post harvest chemical application.


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About quality of the build and materials.

Site Layout

Final positioning of components also takes into account following. Access to equipment / maintenance. Power supply Water supply Backwash Supply Tank. (This is applicable for systems that recirculate with filtration)

Remote Access

This gives operators ability to read chemical levels and also change set points if required.

Data Logging

Records levels of chemicals / temp / tds/ pH.

Reuses Water, More Effective

Our Preferred
Partner Aquarius.

Ultima Post Harvest Water Treatment Controller

Post Harvest Water Treatment Partner

Get the ultimate in ease and control right at your finger tips, with a state of the art 7” Touch Screen Water Treatment Controller, incorporating elegant styling and cutting edge display.

ULTIMA provides an extensive choice of communication packages which allows you to remotely monitor and control your water treatment process from a smart phone or computer, anywhere in the world, assisting you in maintaining full compliance with the latest water treatment regulations.

  • 7” touch screen operation
  • USB port to download data or upload settings
  • User friendly navigation
  • Historical trend graphs on screen
  • Quick installation with no electrician required
  • Simple calibrations using “Quick” or “Precise” options
  • Dynamic and upgradable to more advanced models
  • Interlockable output functions
  • Extensive communication choice (Modem, Wi-Fi, Ethernet)
  • Multilayer password protection
  • Multiple timer options

Parameters Controlled

  • FAC (Free Available Chlorine) ORP Inhibitor Feed
  • Single and Dual pH Conductivity/TDS ORP Timers

Chemicals Dosed &

  • PAA
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Acid Solutions
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Solutions
  • Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet
  • Inhibitor Solutions
  • Chlorine Dioxide

Aquarius Ultima Potable Water Treatment Disinfection controllers Using automated ORP or FAC and pH control pumps, The Controllers will ensure treated water to set parameters.

Sensor imageSensor imageSensor image

Sensors Fitted

Flow/Conductivity/Temperature & pH/ORP/Ground Reference Probes, FAC Free Available Chlorine) probe for UPF series only

Electrical Supply

230VAC +10%/-6% 10Amp continuously powered “clean” mains supply – Standard outputs can pull a combined total of 5A.

Data Logging

1 minute data logging of all readings and outputs is standard. The controller memory can log more than 6 months of data, which can be exported to a USB memory device as CSV files or viewed on Aquareporter as graphs. All calibration data is also stored for troubleshooting.


All settings can be downloaded to a USB memory device and uploaded to another controller if they use similar settings, or stored on a computer for archiving.


Three levels of access is provided to the ULTIMA controllers using one password. This includes “Unlocked”, “Read Only” and “Locked” access. “Locked” mode requires a password if enabled. lf “Read Only” mode is enabled, it will allow viewing all data and settings and calibrating the controller without a password.

Alarms - User Defined Alarms - No-volt Contact

All controlled probes are associated with alarms. An alarm will be triggered when the value exceeds the customizable range from the setpoint. An active alarm will be displayed on the screen and trigger the common-alarm relay, as well as send an email or SMS alarm for web-enabled models. A no-voltage common alarm relay is incorporated in all controllers for DDC operation.

Water tight system image Water tight system image

Water Tight System

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